High Loop
High Loop

Most homes I inspect are equipped with dishwashers. I didn’t know how much a dishwasher would spoil you until I had one. I love the convenience of rinsing the dishes and loading up the dishwasher. Unfortunately, most homes I inspect do not utilize a high loop during the installation of a dishwasher.

What is a high loop? Why do I need a high loop? A high loop is a plumbing term that describes how the drain connection from your dishwasher to the waste pipe under your sink should be connected. The reason it is called a high loop is because the drain line should be run higher and in a loop. This keeps the drain line high. Keeping the drain line high makes sure that waste water in the sink drain pipes doesn’t come back into the dishwasher and contaminate your clean dishes. Most new dishwashers have an internal high loop built in from the factory. But, it is still recommended to have a high loop in the plumbing under the sink as well.

This is a minor defect that is often overlooked by most homeowners because they don’t understand what a high loop is or why it is important to have one.  I have included a photograph of an improper connection I discovered during a recent inspection.  Also included is a diagram of a proper high loop from Bob Vila’s website.

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