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Why Not

Usually I post something about home maintenance or try to explain how a home system works. Today I thought I would tell a funny story that happened during a recent inspection. In the past I have posted creepy crawly things I have found in crawl spaces and attics and they usually get a good response. Well this post is much the same! Traversing an attic is usually a challenge. Making sure you step in the proper place to avoid stepping through the ceiling, just like Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation. Also, my flashlight is a headlamp attached to a strap around my head (this will be important in a minute). I was traversing this attic, taking great care where I stepped. The attic was full of personal affects and boxes stacked high in many places. As I was attempting to navigate around a stack of boxes, carefully placing my feet, I look up and my headlamp starts to illuminate something in front of me. As it starts to come into focus I can tell it is a human shaped object! I took a fighting stance and nearly feel through the attic as it came into focus. It was a life sized witch compete with hat and wart! Needless to say, it would have been a lot funnier if I would of had a change of shorts in the truck, because I definitely needed them! 🤣

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